Realizing the need for innovative waste management solutions, Bluestream Technologies presents the Nord Easy urban waste management solution to the region

Urban waste management is one of the most essential aspects of modern living. With the growing “green consciousness” among global citizens, waste management has now taken a unique position in municipalities and communities around the world. The rapid momentum of recycling efforts has furthered the cause for more sophisticated, humane, practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods for waste segregation, collection, transfer and disposal.

Modernizing waste collection


With the growing number of preplanned cities under development across the Middle East – municipalities, communities, professional architects, consultants, engineers and other city builders are now actively researching for the most versatile, modern and practical waste management solutions in any kindof urban or industrial setting. This solution could be a combination of all sorts of modern wastemanagement technologies including modernized over-ground containers, state-of-the-art underground containers as well as semi-underground containers

The collection system should be able to adapt to the various parts of the city including high-rise areas, villa localities as well as medium to low-rise areas, all with varying populationdensity levels. The new system must also be designed keeping in mind the constitution of the waste in the region which contains a lot of leachate or liquid waste. This is a cause of major concern among municipal authorities as they try to prevent this liquid waste from leaking to the ground from existing container units. A mobile washing plant which can thoroughly clean and sanitize these containers on a regular basis is also an essential part of the urban demand for responsible waste management.

The young cities of the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Riyadh, Jeddah etc, are now going through a rapid wave of modernization especially in public infrastructural development. The municipalities are actively seeking ways to replace the traditional standard DIN Lifting Mechanism which involves either - front loading, rear loading or side loading systems. This 40-year old system will slowly be replaced by revolutionary technology that will offer these cities a much-needed revamp. The change will be towards a more cost-effective and long- term economical solution that can slowly be expanded to include recycling and other “green” initiatives of the local authorities.

Clean Middle East spoke to Suvarna Jeetandra, managing director of Blue Stream Environmental Technology LLC, UAE & Eco Nirvana Technologies, India, who has been in the region long enough to understand the challenges, both past and present. With over 35 years in the MENA region and a direct involvement in the waste management industry, Suvarna Jeetandra is an expert in urban environmental development and civic waste infrastructure.

Against the backdrop of massive civic infrastructural development in the UAE, Jeetandra spoke about the challenges facing the country in terms of waste management, which is fast becoming a growing concern.

According to Jeetandra, the industry itself is fast-moving towards more sophisticated and automated waste management systems with primary focus on faster collection time, larger volume collection, lower annual maintenance costs, lower labour cost and less-to-nil traffic congestion during collection routines.

“There is an active movement towards more humane, practical and economical solutions for urban waste management where there is complete elimination of human contact with the waste and also regulated maintenance of collection containers via cleaning and sanitation,” says Jeetandra, adding that the newer systems must also be able to handle recyclable collection as well.

“We believe these changes will come in steadily into the UAE market, considering the dynamic nature of the relevant authorities in adopting the most advanced and sought after systems for implementation. The large volume collection will also see an increase in the installation of underground waste collection banks which can handle large volumes of waste without the associated health hazards.

“In the recycling arena, there are some projects in the emirates being implemented specifically to handle and reprocess recyclables. With the active involvement of private waste collection companies who view collection of recyclables as an economically viable revenue stream; the recycling campaign will gain more momentum especially with the participation of the public & private corporates with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. All in all, the emirates will see some far-reaching changes in this sector in the years to come and we are excited about these prospects,” adds Jeetandra.

Automated waste management solution


As a decade old waste solution provider, Blue Stream Environmental Technology, has identified of the highlights of the system as the collection vehicle doesn’t ever need to go to the dumping ground but instead can continue collection throughout the day non-stop. Every time a compactor is full the vehicle simply returns it to the compactor depot and picks up another empty compactor to continue the collection cycle. A regular Hook Lift Vehicle can then collect the full compactor from the depot and transport it to the disposal or recycling site. This way the collection is continuous, nonstop and much more economical in the long run.

All the Nord container units are available in a variety of sizes from 3CBM to 7CBM, hence the flexibility for installation in part of the city – either high-rise building areas, villa developments and even low to medium density areas. All Nord container units come with the flexibility of bright bold labeling for recycling containment as well.

“The general waste in the Middle East region is characterized by the presence of heavy liquid waste due to the consumption habits of the residents. This has created major issues for Municipal bodies as this liquid waste leaks out of the current containers to the ground – generating malodor and creating a ripe habitat of disease-causing germs to procreate,” states Jeetandra while pointing out the special aspect of the this growing trend and recently partnered with Nord Engineering s.n.c, Italy to bring the Nord Easy System to the Middle East.


The Nord Easy System is an integrated waste management setup that includes a single-person-operated, waste collection vehicle equipped complete with robotic lifting arms for emptying containers from the street on to the loaded compactor. The system also offers a choice of over-ground container units, semi-underground container units as well as completely underground container units – all serviced by the same Nord Easy System vehicle.

Blue Stream with operations both in UAE and India feels that the Nord Easy System is the perfect answer for the waste management issues of the Middle East market. According to Jeetandra, the collaboration between Blue Stream and Nord will launch an array of revolutionary urban waste management systems, previously not available to the regional market.

The Nord Easy System is also equipped with a Mobile Container Washing System that can completely clean and sanitize the container units. “The Washing System is another extraordinary aspect of Nord which makes it a truly next generation Waste Management System where the focus is not on just placing containers around the city to collect waste but also maintaining these containers as clean and user- friendly civic infrastructure units. The washing cycle targets both the inside and the outside of the container giving it a thorough cleaning.”

The Nord Easy System functions with a roll-on /roll-off mechanism for loading/off-loading the compactor as well as loading/off-loading the Mobile Container Washing Unit. This roll-on /roll-off mechanism is one Nord containers that are designed with liquid waste / leachate collectiocollection tanks at the bottom of each of their container units.

These leak proof tanks can hold up to 250Liters of liquid waste and offer the perfect solution to address the waste issues of the region. The system also has an optional side loader which can be used to accommodate existing DIN Compatible Containers from a capacity of 240L upto 1100L.

Nord’s ongoing contract with the city of Barcelona has seen the implementation of 27,000 container units and over 55 collection and adequate number of washing vehicles. As the Barcelona Authorities are extremely pleased with the Nord System and are openly recommending it to their sister cities across Europe, Jeetandra feels that the Nord System will do equally well in the Middle East.

the traditional waste storage mechanism employed in the region so far, Jeentandra says: “The current crop of steel and plastic waste containers come at a major annual maintenance cost to the municipalities due to damage to the wheels and other aspects of the container. These damages are primarily because these containers are mobile and the residents reposition them around parking areas delaying and disturbing the municipal collection cycles.”


On the other hand, the Nord Container Units have no wheels and are completely immobile; hence the annual maintenance of these units is almost nil. “This is true even for the underground systems which have no hydraulic parts at all which makes the Nord System a much better system which offers maximal cost-effectiveness in the long term.”

The versatility of the Nord Easy System allows collection of containers from either side of the vehicle upto a distance of 5m from the center of the equipment. The system also facilitates container collection from across The collection time and washing time is also one of the shortest in the industry at about 1min and this enables rapid collection from the busiest parts of the city with minimal traffic congestion

Blue Stream and Nord are targeting the growing metropolises around the Middle East with this system, especially Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Manama etc. The system’s unique adaptability to regular waste collection as well as recyclable waste collection is a very attractive option for cities that are looking to implement recycling programs in the near future.

“The Middle East is like no other place in the world and its waste management issues share quite the same story. A custom designed solution for this region is the need of the hour and any waste systems provider with the ingenuity to comprehend this can capitalize on the growing Middle East urban infrastructure market,” concludes Jeetandra.