By Staff Reporter

How do you see the recycling sector in the ME?
It’s doing fairly well. We have had more and more entrants in this sector with the years. Many of them are our customers and we work very closely with their requirements. But the sector is till in its infancy. Recycling is a more recent effort in the UAE and the companies are still in the process and designing awareness programs and convincing both corporate and residential entities, of the importance of recycling. We are expecting this sector to grow in a very big way.

Which sector do you think recycles the most waste?
We see paper being collected more than the rest, it is very precious resource that is directly connected to the current problem of deforestation around the world. In recent months, the price of paper has gone up drastically thanks to the government’s stringent rules on cutting trees. Second in line are cans and plastic. We have achieved a zero when it comes to recycling glass and tyres. Another area that needs attention is the recycling of food packaging waste, a lot needs to be done to achieve a decent level of waste recycling. European countries like Germany, Austria and France are very forward in waste recycling and we need to go a long way before we reach their levels. But then one should remember this is a very young country and we are just catching up.

How could the implementation of a recycling body affect the industry?
A city wide or perhaps a nation wide authority in this effort would be ideal. Many corporations and even individual residents want to join in the recycling effort, but they don’t have anybody to educate and inform them of the available avenues. Regularization of recycling procedures, policy implementation and bringing news and information regarding the effort to the public eye can only achieved through a dedicated setup.

Are your products made from recycled material?
Yes, some of our products are made of recycled material. But usually there is mixture of virgin and recycled raw materials. At the moment we offer the widest range of recycling container systems in this market. We have a container system for every possible set up that may want to join the recycling effort.

Whose responsibility is it to drive recycling in the Me?
The government’s corporations’ responsibility. These two entities cab bring every other individual into the folds of this effort.

Which area in the ME is taking it most seriously?
The most serious effort so far in the ME region has been in the UAE. Through sporadic and small in scale, these efforts have cropped up in almost every emirate so far and opening new horizons in this sector.

Have you seen any dumping of waste that has disgusted you?
Yes and I believe the authorities can do more in curbing this disturbing fact.

Do you collect waste as well as sell products?
We do not collect waste but we supply the container systems for the waste. We offer every possible waste management product from litter bins, ash/waste receptacles, garbage containers to waste, management technology container systems, waste handing systems and various urban décor systems.

What are the key challenges the ME is facing when it comes recycling?
Awareness is the key. The populace of the region is very new to the effort but their co operation is absolute. So once a formidable system for creating awareness is designed, then this region will not take long to reach the levels of recycling that are common in other developed countries.

How would like to see the market in 1 months time?
The market will be growing, especially considering the new directives aligned for environmental awareness and planning. Once the authorities start taking active steps in the right direction than the corporate sector will catch up soon enough. This is just the beginning recycling will seep into the daily routine of this region slowly but steadily.