By Staff Reporter

What inspired you to launch the India office of eco nirvana?
During my numerous visits to India from the Middle East I was disheartened to see the dirt and garbage scattered around. Having lived in a region where hygiene and cleanliness is accorded importance, the squalor left me aghast. I resolved that I should usher in change. I am convinced that establishing business here and offering to the people quality service and products will be my way of initiating the change that I want to see here. And here we are. Also, if we are going global and attracting foreign entities to make our country the investment destination, it is logical that we maintain those bench marks that accelerate this process in matching western and European standards. Cleanliness & hygiene is core in attracting overseas clientele. It is heartening to note that even the first citizen of Mumbai, Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul not only evinced keen interest in our products but also visited the site and office of Eco Nirvana Technologies at Dahisar and commended our decision to establish ourselves in the metropolis.

Why did you opt for the Waste management solution segment?
By instinct, I am a nature lover. Savouring the pristine and clean flora and fauna is second nature to me. Moreover, my three decades stay in the Middle East gave me an opportunity to work in the waste management solution sector. It is obvious that I felt comfortable in this industry as the 12 years of professional experience gave me tremendous insight and exposure needed to be an expert. I am confident that I am able to give the people professional, systematic and comprehensive waste collection and disposal service methodologies that will keep the environment clean, neat and tidy. Prior to making inroads in Mumbai, we made our mark in the Gulf and our first break came with our first customer, the Dubai municipality which reposed faith in our capacities. And then there was no looking back. Today prestigious projects from the stable of EMAAR properties and Nakheel properties that include villa developments, Palm Islands, and institutions like Burj Dubai, airports and malls have the Eco Nirvana stamp. Our services have spread across the Gulf region including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and even Iraq apart from the African countries like Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Rawada.

How will Eco Nirvana make a dent in the present market scenario?
Though we started our Mumbai office recently, I must tell you that Eco Nirvana Technologies is in the field of waste management since 1998. I feel proud to be associated with the best in the global industry, SULO, which is a reputed brand known throughout the Western and European region. Backed by a giant of the status of the Germany based renowned company SULO that, among others, manufactures multi-purpose mobile waste containers that are now already in demand with the numerous housing societies and other commercial establishments and Eco Nirvanaís vast experiences in waste management solutions, is sufficient to match to the competition in the market. Moreover, I do not see this venture as a mere money making business but a goal to achieve that is going to benefit my fellow citizens. As far as making a dent, we are not only marketing and selling the product but convincing the end users that we are going to contribute towards a clean environment that will be inherited by the future generation.

What is the strategy you have adopted towards this end?
The SULO-Eco Nirvana partnership is focusing on the metro market, beginning with Mumbai, to set up distribution channels. The strategy involves sensitizing the citizens about the need to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. In order to demonstrate the utilitarian features of the waste containers, these practical and economical products will be placed in areas with the largest footfalls such as shopping malls, town centres and markets. We are also in the process of preparing educative CDs that will be offered to City Corporators and other elected representatives who can in turn educate the masses into waste management processes. Non-Governmental organizations too will play an important role in the entire process of creating awareness.
As waste generation and its disposal is emerging as a major issue of concern in the subcontinent, efforts to tackle this menace too need to be effective. With every citizen responsible for the clean upkeep of the surroundings, private waste collection setups too need to be relevant. Presently, we are single- mindedly pursing the task of creating awareness of the waste disposal product options that are available.
Once this phase meets its targets, we propose to gradually introduce the complete product range consisting of HDPE refuse containers, hot dip galvanized steel containers, urban waste receptacles, underground waste collection systems and urban waste compactors. Municipalities, residential complexes, homes, schools, hotels, shopping malls, food processing units, milk dairies etc would be their focused target. Mumbai is the beating heart of Indian commerce. We want to first highlight SULOís relevance in every day life and then make a move for other regional markets. With Mumbaiís diverse economy we are sure to find our customers from every possible market segment. We are convinced that the revolution to ensure a clean surrounding is not difficult to fulfill. To achieve the objective of sustainability it is necessary to establish systems of solid waste management, which harmonize the technical requirements with the objectives of environment protection and the needs and interests of different stakeholders especially the urban poor. As the city population increases and its economic profile changes, the quanity of waste and the resources requirement to manage it will increase.
Our well trained and professionally qualified staff headed by Nishan Suvarna, Director, Marketing, is making inroads in the untapped areas, digging our heels and establishing our network there for quick and easy accessibility to the products. Of course, the final implementation of the plans will depend on the ground realities.

What is so special about SULO products that spurred you for a partnership?
Needless to say, SULO which has over 100 years of experience in the industry is a recognized brand. Rather, every household in the western and European region choose only SULO. We wanted to give the users in India the most advanced storage and waste management solutions product that has international acceptance. SULO products are globally synonymous, among both, industry professionals and domestic households as high quality durable containers. In fact, as long as there are people around, there will be waste and as long as there is waste, our products will be around.

Now in India
The Eco-Nirvana-SULO products are designed for easy and convenient functionality with their sturdy construction. The wide range of products undergo the most stringent tests making the grade at all 29 stages including computer simulation that gives them an edge on safety, quality and ergonomics of the containers. Adhering to international quality standards including DIN, RAC-AWB, CEN, NF, CE and TUV-CERT, the heavy duty, tough built, German engineering technology backed container systems are provided with ultra-violet stabilization for durability and high impact resistance fitted with corrosion resistant metal parts. Custom fit waste containers in 120, 240, 360 and 1100 litres capacity have been introduced in the market for the convenience of the end users. The clinical SULO bins for medical waste, approved by the United Nations and embossed with the United model number, ensures scientific disposal of hazardous organic hospital wastes that pose a serious health concern due to wanton and random disbursal in the open