World Class SULO Containers - TOWING SYSTEM - SULO MGB 1100L

Towing System - SULO MGB 1100L

SULO Quality Certification Video
SULO Containers: SULO offers a complete range of 2-wheeled & 4-wheeled container systems. With decades of experience in product development and product advancement, we are constantly developing innovations for refuse collection. Our main focus is safety, quality and the ergonomic handling of the containers. SULO containers are proven a million times over and have distinguished themselves through functionality, robust construction, safety and long service life.

SULO is probably the highest quality wheelie bin / multipurpose container system in the market

Material and construction

• Polymer components developed from specially designed HDPE
• Suitable for all DIN lifting equipment
• Compatible with identification and weighing systems
• Chipnest in accordance with RAL-GZ 951/1
• Two lid options: standard lid or EURO 2 lid

Safety and handling

• Double angle rail for highest safety during emptying
• Conntinuous handle on the body
• Safe and easy to manoeuvre
• Particularly stable
• Easy to clean


• Certified according to EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1
• Constant quality control through own laboratory as well as independent institutes


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