Nord Automated Waste Management System - The Nord Advantage

NORD Engineering has gained hardcore experience at grass-root levels planning and creating multiple automatic equipments to achieve this ultimate final product called NORD Easy.  Our team has conducted extensive studies to foresee the future needs in the field of waste collection and transportation, This has enabled us to come out with a  innovative solution by combining basic functionality, safety and ingenuity. The goal is to streamline the operation effectively, save time and resources and develop a functional solution that works to maximize the productivity of the waste collection system.  Today Nord Engineering is the world leader working with prominent municipalities, consortiums, private companies and service providers all across Europe in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, France and also in Peru. 

Urban waste management is one of the most essential aspects of modern living. With the growing “green consciousness” among global citizens, waste management has now taken an unprecedented position at leading municipalities and communities around the Middle East. The rapid momentum of recycling efforts has furthered the cause for more sophisticated, humane, practical and environmentally friendly methods for waste segregation, collection, transfer and disposal. The Middle East is like no other place in the world and its waste management issues share quite the same story.  A custom designed solution for this region is the need of the hour and BLUE STREAM – NORD has the exact solution. Blue Stream and Nord are targeting the growing metropolises around the Middle East with this system especially Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Manama etc. The system’s unique adaptability to regular waste collection as well as recyclable waste collection is a very attractive option for cities that are looking to implement recycling programs in the near future. With the growing number of preplanned cities in development around the Middle East – the NORD – Easy System now offers Municipalities, Communities, Professional architects, consultants, engineers and other city builders, an incredibly versatile, modern and practical solution for waste management in any kind of urban or industrial setup.



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