Professional Waste Management System - Advantages & Analysis Watch Video

Universal Application: Wheelie bins are the most practical solution for modern waste management in any kind of commercial, residential, industrial or other setup and this makes ECO N!RVANA MINI- the ideal vehicle for professional waste management. DIN standard bins from any manufacturer are compatible with the ECONIRVANA MINI.

Economial & Practical Solution: ECO N!RVANA MINI has been designed with strong inputs from our Italian and German associates but built with an indian pricing in mind. Hence the design and functionality match international standards but the price are very economical.



     Internal Waste Receptacles
  S.S. Series
  Mall Bin Series
  Elegance Series
      World Class SULO Containers
      Street Benches
      The Nord Philosophy
      The Nord Advantage
      Easy underground
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      Easy Equipment
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