The Nord & Blue Stream Philosophy - Inspired by the Environment

The ladybird is an extraordinary beauty - perfectly integrated into our environment but at the same time incredibly striking and always the center of attention. Our products are created with very similar characteristics for a perfect blending into our urban environment but at the same time breathtakingly gorgeous.

NORD Easy System is designed and engineered to be extremely user friendly but always maintain a perfect integration into the urban landscape, a harmonious marriage just like the lady bird and Mother Nature.

The environment teaches us that every little element is designed specifically to fulfill a particular role, NORD Engineering products are designed with a seamless integration between Technology, Environment and Aesthetic features.


Ideas and necessities

Bees always maintain complete integration between their cities (the bee hives) and mother nature. We work to emulate this perfect synergy by creating innovative solutions to overcome modern day challenges in waste Management in small and large cities. Our commitment is consistent and we continuously work to enhance technology to find better solutions that allow rationalization of the collection, with minimal environmental impact and a seamless integration into the urban fabric, minimizing visual clutter and improving the aesthetics of the city.


Blue Stream Environmental Technology a decade old waste solution provider in the region has collaborated with Nord Engineering s.n.c, Italy to launch the revolutionary

The NORD EASY SYSTEM is an integrated waste management setup that includes a single person operated waste collection vehicle equipped complete with robotic lifting arms for emptying containers from the street on to the mounted compactor. The system also offers a choice of over-ground container units, semi-underground container units as well as completely underground container units all serviced by the same NORD EASY SYSTEM vehicle.

The EASY SYSTEM is also equipped with a Mobile Container Washing System that can completely clean and sanitize the container units. The Washing System is another extra ordinary aspect of NORD which makes it a truly next generation Waste Management System where the focus is not on just placing containers around the city to collect waste but also maintaining these containers as clean and user friendly civic infrastructure units.



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