Nord Automated Waste Management System - Easy Equipment

EASY EQUIPMENT is an innovative waste collection system that accelerates and simplifies the emptying of the containers, avoiding traffic congestion and reducing the frequency of collection with large volume containers. As an automated single person operated unit, this system enables the collection, cleaning and efficient management of containers in urban environments that is not viable using traditional systems especially in very narrow streets or alleys. The NORD EASY SYSTEM functions with a Roll On – Roll Off mechanism for loading/off loading the compactor as well as loading/off loading the Mobile Container Washing Unit. This Roll On – Roll Off mechanism is one of the highlights of the system as the collection vehicle doesn’t ever need to go to the dumping ground but instead can continue collection throughout the day non-stop. Every time a compactor is full the vehicle simply returns it to the compactor depot and picks up another empty compactor to continue the collection cycle. A regular Hook Lift Vehicle can then collect the full compactor from the depot and transport it to the disposal or recycling site. This way the collection is continuous, nonstop and much more economical in the long run. The system also has an optional side loader which can be used to accommodate existing DIN Compatible Containers from a capacity of 240L up to 1100L.

The versatility of the NORD EASY SYSTEM allows collection of containers from either side of the vehicle up to a distance of 5m from the center of the equipment. The system also facilitates container collection from across parked cars which is a amazing positive for heavy and dense city areas where waste containers usually compromise parking spaces. The system’s unique adaptability to regular waste collection as well as recyclable waste collection is a very attractive option for cities that are looking to implement recycling programs in the near future. The NORD EASY SYSTEM is completely automated hence minimizes maintenance costs and collections costs by eliminating factors related to human error.



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